We strive to build a quality tool that will last a life time, and is a solution to a common problem. Here is what our customers say about The Original Tractor Relief Tool™:

Perfect Tool

If you’re looking at this you know you need it. It’s like having a scuba tank while diving or, more simply, a key to unlock a door. I used to take off my backhoe only to not be able to reconnect it due to pressure in the hydraulic lines. This COMPLETELY eliminated that problem. Even if you need these only once a year theyre worth the saving in frustration and time. Super happy with this purchase.

-Rob G


Sometimes no matter how careful you are, you accidentally leave pressure in one of your hydraulic lines when removing your front end loader. This little tool is the perfect solution.


These are a Must!

I have Arthritis and it's hard for me to push the lines on when reconnecting my back hoe. These worked great.


Must Have!

Constantly changing tractor hydraulic attachments in extreme climate changes. Safety for an affordable price, great product!❤️


Great Tool!

Quality heavy duty tool.


This is a must have for anyone that uses Hydraulic Equipment!

I am completely satisfied with these tools. I recommend that everyone who uses hydraulic lines keep these tools on hand for when a hydraulic line becomes pressurized at the wrong time. This tool is easy to use, is well made, and brings peace of mind for increased safety.

-Mike V

Perfect Solution!

Removed my backhoe from tractor and forgot to relieve pressure. Return hose came
off no problem but could not get the supply hose off. Tried to put the return hose back on and it would not go - lines were pressurized. Friend and I Tried to force it into the coupling but it would not budge a millimeter. Ordered this thing up, arrived the next day and depressurized the line in 5 seconds. Then was able to get the line back on the tractor, reset the backhoe and remove it properly.
A must have tool for anyone working with hydraulic couplings regularly.


An absolute need when you are clueless!

I had just picked up a kubota tractor and purchased a grapple for it. I hadn't had it long enough to know to release the pressure first before removing attachments. There is a lot of force in those poppet connections if not leveled out first.
What I can say is they make my not so infrequent mistake of forgetting that small step an easy fix. There is a nice little toolbox behind the seat where I keep mine stored. First in a paper towel, and then a zipper baggy to keep moisture away from them. They are also awesome for using attachments where someone else also made the same mistake. They were well worth the purchase. The quality of them is such that you only have to buy them once. That makes it all the better.


Lifesaver for Hydraulic Attachments!

I fought with hydraulic quick couplers for awhile before I learned of these. These gizmos completely eliminated the frustration of relieving the line pressure so the quick couplers can attach easily. If you have a hydraulic tractor attachment and don't have these, get them now.


Works Great on Both Male and Female Ends!

This set is the easiest and safest way to release the pressure from quick-connect hydraulics that have been detached under pressure or build pressure after release. In particular, I've never found anything that works for both the male and female side, but this set does and doesn’t damage the male end like a hammer. Fixes in under two minutes. This is a must-have set if you forget to release pressure or have a quick-connect that disconnects unexpectedly.


Works Great - a clean safe way to relieve hydraulic coupler pressure

Works great to safely and cleanly relieve the built up hydraulic pressure to allow me to reconnect my back hoe on my tractor.


👍Relieve the pressure off the hydraulic lines

This piece of equipment is a must have if you own a Tractor or anything with hydraulic lines. This works flawlessly and relieving the pressure off my grapple.


Great Product!

Works great, it's a must have for tractor fittings. I have tried other methods but this is so much easier. They are built well and I like having one for each fitting plus they fit in my small tractor tool box.


Great for releasing pressure in my hydraulic lines

No more fighting the connections like I have for years.